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Christian Booklet


Welcome to Northside Baptist Church


The purpose of Northside Baptist Church is to glorify God by making and equipping disciples in Milan and throughout the world by the power of the Holy Spirit


To glorify God:  We want everything we do at NBC to be done with God's glory.  We want to be known for building God's kingdom and not our own.  Therefore, you will hear us speak a lot about God's glory in this church.  This church does not "do church" for the sake of this church.  We are the church for the sake of God's glory.

By Making Disciples:  In Matthew 28:18-20, God gives a commission to the church to make disciples.  We want to take that seriously.  We desire to see all of Milan and Tennessee and the nations of the world turn from their sin and trust in Christ.  We believe that we can best do this by working together as the church to reach the community.  And in so doing, we will give God the glory because no matter how much effort we put into it, it is still God who changes a man's heart.  

By Equipping Disciples:  We also believe that those people who are converted and born again are like new born children.  And just like how we have to teach our children how to eat, walk, read, and write, we must also teach new believers how to walk with and grow in Christ.  

In Milan:  In Acts 1:8, God sends the disciples out on the commission.  But the first place he sends them is to Jerusalem, their home.  Before we can focus on making disciples in other nations, we must first be making disciples in our neighborhoods.  The church has been placed in a strategic location.  Many people who live around this church and in our neighborhoods do not go to church and are not Christians.  Our primary purpose is to make disciples here in our home to God's glory.

Throughout the World:  Bur our secondary purpose is to be involved with making disciples all across the world.  We mostly do this through prayer, and financial support of missionaries, but as we continue to grow our ministry to other areas of the world will also.

By the Power of the Holy Spirit:  In that same passage, Acts 1:8, we see that before the disciples were to go out to fulfill the commission, they were to wait until they received the Holy Spirit.  We believe that any ministry done without the power of the Holy Spirit is pointless.  Man cannot grant new life.  Only Jesus can, and he does that through the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit convicts, gives faith, and causes the new birth.  Therefore, this church is completely dependent on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  

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